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Pixelated or unclear fonts when printing

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jkow asked 4 days ago
I have been using the product for a while (ASP Script).  Its been working well.  On SOME UPCs I try to print, the bar code image prints pixelated or rather the bar code lines are jagged. It doesn’t happen on every one though.  Any idea why?

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Brant answered 4 days ago
A Windows update that occurred several years ago can cause this issue. The only option is to upgrade to the aspx version. The latest version of the product is an aspx file instead of an asp file and it works well with the latest updates. If you would like to upgrade please post a private, separate incident with your old order ID and we can provide you 50% off the current price. 

jkow answered 4 days ago
Our warehouse management software runs on ASP.  I don’t think I would be able to use the newer ASPX version of your software on it.  Or will it work?  Can I pass the data to an ASPX page to print?
replied 4 days ago

Also, it only seems to happen when sending the print job to a Zebra label printer. I can send the same job to a laser print and it prints fine.

replied 4 days ago

You can always try the demo first to be sure. This will also make sure the problem is solved with the new version. If the new version does not solve the issue, it could be some other problem on the PCs having the issue such as print driver settings, low resolution settings or the printer itself.
replied 4 days ago

Upon closer inspection, I see that the laser printer is still not exactly perfect. The lines are jagged, just not as much. I still think it is strange it only happens on certain SKUs. The UPC can be the next in sequence and it will come out perfect versus the last which is unreadable.

replied 3 days ago

Any of the what I recommended could fix this. Try a process of elimination and let us know what solves the issue.