About Us

Mission Statement:

Streamlining symbology for business applications by supplying barcode fonts and components that generate the most precise symbols possible.

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For Technical Support, please post an incident on our new Support Q&A Knowledge Base. The Support Q&A Knowledge Base is the best method to obtain free support.

More about PrecisionID:

PrecisionID was founded in 2005 and acquired by IDAutomation.com, Inc. in March 2018.  PrecisionID is currently owned and operated by IDAutomation.com, Inc. with Florida Fictitious Name Registration # G18000040853. IDAutomation is committed to keep PrecisionID operating as it has in the past and will continue to add value with product updates, sales and support. Many of the PrecisionID products operate slightly differently than IDAutomation products; IDAutomation is committed to keep PrecisionID products unique. In addition, all products updated after March, 2018 by IDAutomation or PrecisionID are compatible with each other. This means for example, that a PrecisionID QR-Code Font is compatible with all Developer Licensed Font Encoders provided by IDAutomation. Because of this, all developer licenses will be provided Developer Licensed Font Encoders by IDAutomation.

Our Address: 550 North Reo Street, Suite 300 | Tampa, Florida 33609 | USA