Font Encoders

A font encoder is required to format the data to the font. This may involve adding start and stop characters, text compression, error correction and check digits.

The following user licensed font encoders are provided in each font package. Refer to the user manual included in the zip file download of each product for easy to use step by step implementation instructions.

Additional source code and developer licensed font encoders are provided with all Developer Redistribution Licenses.

User Licensed Font Encoders:

  • Access VBA – for use in Microsoft Access, allow an easy way to add barcodes to reports.
  • Crystal Reports Font Formulas – these formulas are easy to use copy and paste objects for SAP Crystal Reports versions 9 and greater.

The following font encoders are compatible with Excel 2003 and greater in Windows and Excel 2011 and greater on the Mac.

  • Excel VBA – for use in Microsoft Excel, adds barcodes to cells, columns or rows.
  • Font Encoder Application – allows users to paste barcodes in most Windows and Mac apps.
  • Word Mail Merge – an example and template is provided with all font packages.