Barcode Font Support | Common Problems and Solutions

Barcode Printed with a Font will not Scan

Ensure a Font Encoder is being used with the barcode font to format the data to the font. After the data is formatted, apply the font to the formatted text to create the correct barcode. The font encoder used must match the font used. The only exception to this is the Code 39 Barcode Font. With Code 39, you only need to append the asterisks character to the beginning and ending of the data being encoded and apply the barcode font. Refer to the step by step examples provided within each font package.

Text is showing instead of the barcode

This will occur if the text is not displayed or printed with the appropriate barcode font. Select the text and choose the barcode font.

How to install the VBA Macro in Excel

Extract the PrecisionID_???_Module.bas, each symbology has it’s own .bas file, and notate where it’s saved.

  • To import the .bas file into Excel, enable the Developer Tab if it’s not already available.
  • On that tab, select Visual Basic, then select File > Import File and select VBA file.
  • Verify the Module has been inserted, save and return to Excel.

Why is there a 0 added to my ITF barcode?

Interleaved 2 of 5 barcodes encode numbers in pairs, therefore a leading zero may be required for a number with an odd number of digits.