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All PrecisionID product packages include a User Guide that explains the product and how to use it. Please refer to this document before contacting support. A link to the user guide and a demo download is provided on each product page.

Billing Support | Ordering

For billing support questions about your order, how to download the product or requests for refunds please send an email to: admin (at)  (Replace (at) with “@”)

Product Support | License & Product Questions

Open an incident in our Support Q & A to obtain product support or if you have questions about licensing. If the nature of the question is sensitive, you may choose to make the incident private. This is the quickest, preferred and recommended method of contacting PrecisionID directly.

You may also contact us by email [admin (at)  (Replace (at) with “@”)]

Additionally, you may call or text us at +1-828-414-3515.

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