MICR Font Support | Common Problems and Solutions

How to Install the MICR E13B Fonts

On Windows or Mac, Right-click the font file and choose Install. For all other operating systems, refer to the documentation provided with the OS.

Bank Reports MICR Font Read Errors

The MICR package provides several different font widths and intensities to match various printers. Refer to the PrecisionID MICR Calibration Tool and User Manual for the MICR Font and ensure the correct font is being used. The alignment process is simplified if the check stock contains a transit alignment symbol as a watermark near the bottom; align the first bank routing or transit symbol in the box. Also, ensure you are using MICR toner with a laser printer that is in good condition. Try another printer model or brand to isolate the problem to the printer. Try printing to the same printer from another PC.

How to enter the Amount, Transit, On-Us, and Dash symbols?

A creates the Transit symbol.

B creates the Amount symbol.

C creates the On-Us symbol.


D creates the Dash symbol.