How do I uninstall the fonts?

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Caleb Lopes asked 1 year ago
I’m having issues with upgrading my font package and I’m unable to uninstall the fonts, I receive access denied as an error.

Please help!

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Precision Support answered 1 year ago
To resolve the issue manually, perform the steps below. In this example, the font having the issue begins with “PrecisionID”.

  1. Reboot and ensure no applications are running including Control Panel.
  2. Login to Windows with administrator privileges and open an elevated command prompt by choosing the “Run as Administrator” option.
  3. Type CD backslash Windows backslash Fonts so you are in the Windows Fonts folder.
  4. Type DIR PrecisionID*.* to list all the fonts of this type in the folder. Multiple versions of the same font may cause a conflict and unpredictable results in applications that make use of the font.
  5. Type DEL PrecisionID*.* to delete the font(s).
    NOTE: If you receive the “Access is Denied” error, do the following:
    At the command prompt type
    takeown /f PrecisionID*.*
    and you should receive a message stating that the ownership of the file has changed; this grants delete rights to the file. If you receive a different error message, ensure you are running in an elevated command prompt, all applications are closed and that you are logged in as an administrator. Type DEL PrecisionID*.* again to delete the font(s).
  6. Reinstall the fonts either manually or by the installer package.
  7. The fonts should now operate properly and show normally in Control Panel.