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Error – u25presionid.dll is missing in Crystal report

Justin.Kuo asked 1 month ago

We use PrecisionID ITF Barcode Fonts to convert numbers to be barcode format in Crystal report in our system.
Our Crystal report runtime was upgraded to 13.022.2668 (64 bits) recently.
Then the report generates an error message “Error in formula barcode ‘PrecisionID_ITF({printcard;1.issue_number})’ UFL ‘u25precisionid.dll’ that implements this function is missing.”.
Can you please advise how to resolve the issue?
Do we need to upgrade PrecisionID software as well?

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Brant answered 1 month ago

You can try to reinstall the older package you have on each PC that uses the function. However, the u25precisionid.dll is limited to 32 bit applications. The latest version of the PrecisionID ITF Barcode Font package includes a Crystal Reports font formula, that does not require this UFL and it works on 32 and 64 bit applications. The latest version also includes updated fonts.

Justin.Kuo answered 1 month ago

I re-installed the PrecisionID ITF but I still got the same error.
I think the 32 bit software is not supported by our system.
So I downloaded and installed the Demo version of latest PrecisionID ITF Barcode Front.
The report works well in Crystal (design stage). However, when the report was generated from our application, the barcode was shown “Ër-|4,!MÌ”.
The “ToText” function was added in the script but the barcode was not presented correctly.
I have to make sure the new version works well before we purchase new version of the software.
Please help to resolve it. Thanks.

Justin.Kuo replied 1 month ago

I found the issue can be fixed by changing the system regional setting to “English (United States)”.
However, we are in Australia. Can you please let me know how we can keep the regional setting in “English (Australia)” because the change may impact other applications on the server.


Brant answered 1 month ago

That particular font only works in the “English (United States)” regional setting. If you need support for other regional settings in Crystal Reports, I can recommend the Crystal Reports Native Generator, a solution from another company.

Justin.Kuo replied 4 weeks ago

Thanks a lot.