What is the easiest way to use a Barcode Font in Word Mail Merge?

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grant5 asked 2 years ago
I need a simple barcode in a Word mail merge to track mailings. What is the easiest way to use a barcode font for this purpose?

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Brant answered 2 years ago

In the Word document, place the parenthesis characters around the brackets for the merge field(s) you want to barcode. For example: («FirstName»). Carefully select only the parenthesis and everything in between them and choose the PrecisionID Code 39 Font After the barcode font is chosen, examine the area after the last >> symbol. If there are more than 5 bars in the barcode after the last >> symbol, highlight the area after the “>>” and change the font to a text font (Arial, etc.). This is necessary and important because a space or carriage return after the closing parenthesis will produce an extra barcode character and render the barcode invalid. PrecisionID recommends only using parenthesis as start and stop characters in Microsoft Word. Sometimes Microsoft Word will interpret asterisks as a formatting command and will bold the data and drop the asterisks rendering an invalid barcode. The parentheses avoid this problem.

A working example is provided in the Code 39 Font Download. Refer to the user manual in the download for more information.

To do a mail merge with other barcode types, refer to one of the following videos: