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Code 39 Barcode Font Software Overview
Code 39 (also referred to as Code 3 of 9, LOGMARS, HIBC) can encode uppercase letters, numbers, and a few special characters such as the minus, period, space, asterisk, dollar sign, forward slash, plus and percent signs. Code 39 is a self-checking barcode type, meaning that a check digit is not required for a barcode scanner to read it, although many implementations include a check character to further assure data integrity.

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  • All PrecisionID technical support is Free to our customers. Many companies require extended service contracts to receive service after 180 days. PrecisionID is here to support our customers both on the day of purchase and with future needs.
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  • PrecisionID Font Formating Components™ calculate check digits for you and simplify barcode generation when needed.
  • PrecisionID Code 39 Barcodes meet strict ANSI, AIM, and European EN800 standards.
  • A detailed User Guide provides easy to follow step-by-step implementation instructions in Excel, Word, Access, and Crystal Reports.
  • Free demonstration software is downloadable and fully functional, allowing you to test PrecisionID Code 39 before you invest. Testing in your application ensures successful implementation!

PrecisionID Code 39 Barcode Font Package Contents
All PrecisionID Code 39 Barcode Fonts are compatible with all 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows including Windows 7, 8, and 10. Each Code 39 Barcode Font Package contains 6 sizes of Windows TrueType (TTF), Binary PostScript (PFB), and ASCII PostScript (PFA) fonts. Additionally, each font variant is supplied in text readable and barcode only formats where the text readable versions display the barcode with the text characters below the barcode and the barcode only versions display the barcode without text. The text readable versions have a "T" in the font name, i.e. PrecisionID C39 T12.

The PrecisionID Code 39 Font Package also includes a User's Guide with specifications correlating specific fonts and point sizes with X dimensions and printed height. The User's Guide also includes several tutorials, explaining in step-by-step fashion, application of PrecisionID's Code 39 Barcode in several common Windows applications.

In addition to the barcode fonts and User's Guide, PrecisionID's Code 39 Font Package includes application examples for Microsoft Word (Mail Merge), Excel, Access, and Crystal Reports. For Code 39 implementations requiring the check digit, we provide PrecisionID Font Formatting Components(TM) for calculating the check digit. The PrecisionID Font Formatting Components(TM) includes a Microsoft VBA module for Microsoft Office applications and a UFL for Crystal Reports. For other applications or languages, the source code of these modules may be used as a guide for conversion.

PrecisionID Code 39 Special Features
PrecisionID's Code 39 Font Package provides some additional features and benefits. For barcode scanners with the extended Code 39 character set enabled, specific character combinations will yield additional additional characters including lower case characters and ASCII control characters. See the PrecisionID Code 39 User's Guide for a complete character chart.

In Code 39 barcodes, the "space character" should produce a "space barcode" as opposed to "white space". Some applications are not able to print the "space barcode" when a "space character" is included in the text, therefore, PrecisionID's Code 39 font also allows use of the "underscore" to print the "space barcode", for example *TEST_1234* will produce a valid barcode.

The PrecisionID's Code 39 font will allow the use of parentheses as start and stop characters in addition to the asterisks. For barcode only font versions the parentheses and asterisks behave the same. For text readable font versions, the human readable asterisks character will appear below the asterisks barcode (start and stop characters) where the parentheses will not show a human readable character.

Logistics Applications of Automated Marking and Reading Symbols (LOGMARS) is an application of Code 39 used by the United States Department of Defense that recommends a check character. LOGMARS is defined by Military Standard MIL-STD-1189B and others such as MIL-STD-129, MIL-STD-129N and MIL-STD-2073-1C. PrecisionID's Code 39 Font Package is able to produce these barcodes. Please refer to the MIL standards for implementation details.

Health Industry Bar Code (HIBC) is a Code 39 barcode format for labeling all health care products. The 3 to 1 bar ratio in our Code 39 fonts and in conjunction with PrecisionID Font Formatting Tools allows for implementation of this standard. Please refer to the HIBC site for details on formatting this barcode.

Free Code 39 Demonstration Package
To enable evaluation of PrecisionID's Code 39 Font Package prior to purchasing, a free evaluation package is available. The PrecisionID Code 39 Demo Font Package is identical to the purchased package as described above except the font contains a "demo" watermark on select characters. The demo package produces readable barcodes to allow you to fully evaluate our product before investing. Click here to download the demo version.

How to Order
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