ASPX Barcode Support | Common Problems and Solutions

ASPX Barcode Installation

Extract the zip file received and copy them to the webserver where ASPX is enabled. Verify that the default barcode appears by opening a browser window, and entering the barcode generator URL. For example:

ASPX Barcode Support Integration Examples:

HTML Example:

<img src= "">

ASPX Example:

<P>Pure ASPX Barcode Generation Example:</P> 
<% @ LANGUAGE=VBScript%> 
<% Data="pure-aspx-barcode"%> 
<img src="<%="precisionid-code128.aspx?D="&Data%>" 

JavaScript Example:

function display() {
DispWin ='','NewWin','menubar=yes,status=no,width=650,height=780')
message="<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Native ASPX Barcode Generator Tutorial</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>"
message+="<img src='"

ASPX Barcode Properties

The following properties can be changed to set the barcode output that is desired.

Property Parameter Default Value Description
Apply Tilde A F When ApplyTilde is True in Code 128 with the Auto character
set, the format ~??? may be used to specify an ASCII code of a
character that is encoded. For example, the data of
“ASPX~009Barcode” would encode “ASPX [TAB] Barcode”.
This Parameter is only valid in precisionid-code128.aspx
Bar Height H 40 The height of the barcode in pixels.
Check Character C T Automatically adds the check digit to the barcode when equal
to ‘T’.
Check Character in Text CT T Automatically adds the check digit that is encoded in the
barcode to the human readable text that is displayed when
equal to ‘T’.
Data Encoded D 123456789012 The data that is to be encoded in the barcode symbol.
Narrow to Wide Ratio N 2 The narrow to wide ratio of symbologies that only contain
narrow and wide bars such as Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5 and
MSI. Valid values are 2 and 3.
Orientation O 0 Orientation indicates the orientation of the barcode. Valid
values are 0, 90, 180 and 270.
ShowText T T If set to ‘F’, the human readable text interpretation will not be
displayed with the barcode.
The number of pixels to determine the overall barcode width.
XDimension in Pixels X 1 The number of pixels to determine the
overall barcode width.
Default = 1 which is 1/96 of an inch and about 12
Font Size S 12 The font size used for human readable text.
Only values of 10 and 12 are applicable. Any other values must
be implemented manually by displaying a text field below the