License Requirement Quick Reference

This quick reference is a guide to determine which licensing level you need. We also recommend reading the PrecisionID End User License Agreement as this is the actual Licensing Agreement and may provide further clarification. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us.

User Licenses provide for use of the Software by individuals on computers within the same organization.
- One person using the software on one computer equals one user.
- One person using the software on two computers equals two users.
Two persons using the software on one computer equals two users.

Redistribution Licenses are required if the Software is distributed outside of your organization.
- Embedding PrecisionID software in a software package you will sell is redistribution.
- A user would be considered a customer or customer installation.

Server Licenses apply only to the ASP Software.

User Licenses

Maximum Number of Users
accessing the Software

Required User License

Up to Four Users

One to Four User License

Five to Ten Users

Five to Ten User License

More than 10 Users

Unlimited User License

Redistribution Licenses

Maximum Number of Internal Users and Customers accessing the Software

Required Redistribution License

Up to 5000 Users

5000 User Redistribution License

Up to 10,000 Users

10,000 User Redistribution License

More than 10,000 Users

Unlimited User Redistribution License

Server Licenses

Maximum Number of Servers where
the Software is installed

Required Server License

Only 1 Server

1 Server Redistribution License

Up to 4 Servers

4 Server Redistribution License

More than 4 Servers

Unlimited Server Redistribution License