Native ASPX Barcode Generator

ASPX Barcode Software Overview
PrecisionID's ASPX Barcode Generator enables dynamic creation of barcodes on web pages. Native ASPX Barcode files are provided for Code 128, Code 39, EAN, UPC, Interleaved 2 of 5, Postnet, and MSI Plessey. The barcodes can be created using HTML, ASP, ASPX, JavaScript, Pearl, PHP, etc. Download the Native ASPX Barcode Generator now to begin web page barcode implementation. Just click the "buy now" button and begin generating barcodes on your website immediately after your purchase. To enable evaluation, PrecisionID has placed a demo version of the Native ASPX Barcode generator on our server. You may access these URLs for evaluation purposes. Please see the "Free Demonstration of the PrecisionID Native ASPX Barcode Generator" section below for more details.

Our Price: From $625.00 to $2,500.00

Product Pricing and Licensing Levels


Top Reasons to choose the PrecisionID ASPX Barcode Generator

  • All PrecisionID technical support is Free to our customers. Many companies require extended service contracts to receive service after 180 days. PrecisionID is here to support our customers both on the day of purchase and with future needs.
  • PrecisionID Barcodes deliver exceptional results at an affordable price that is clearly published on our site. No annual renewals, royalty fees, or extended service agreements are required.
  • Our developers have over 20 years of barcode experience. Download the demo to see the results!
  • The ASPX Generator gives full control over X dim, N dim, orientation, and overall barcode image size.
  • Developers receive full source code and are able to modify for their application if necessary.
  • Our ASPX Barcode Generator streams a bitmap image to web browsers without the need to generate a temporary file on the server.
  • The PrecisionID ASPX Barcode Generator is a single, pure ASPX code file that operates without the need for add'l components, dependencies, or DLLs for easy and highly reliable deployment.
  • A demo version of the ASPX Barcode Generator is hosted on a PrecisionID server to enable testing of our product before you invest. See below for more details.

PrecisionID Native ASPX Barcode Software Contents
PrecisionID's Native ASPX Barcode Software is a royalty-free, streaming, server-side barcode generator. Once it is copied to an ASPX enabled webserver, barcodes may be easily displayed by any web browser. Each ASPX file provided is in pure ASPX source code form with no dependencies or DLLs, so it may be used as provided or modified for a particular application as necessary. Each symbology is contained in a single file, which provides extremely fast barcode generation with very little overhead.

Native ASPX Barcode Generator Supported Symbologies
The PrecisionID Native ASPX Barcode Software enables web based implementation of Code 128, Code 39, UPC-A, Interleaved 2 of 5, EAN13, POSTNET, Planet, and MSI Barcodes. The barcode software provides flexibility with settings to adjust the size, resolution, and orientation of the barcode and human readable text. See below for a parameter list.

Native ASPX Barcode Generator Features
PrecisionID's Native ASPX Barcode streams simple black and white bit-mapped images that are very small in size compared to the JPEG or GIF images generated by competitor’s products. The average size of the generated barcode is usually less than 2KB. Because the image is streamed, temporary files on the server are not required, reducing the overhead and making barcode generation very fast. As an example, 100,000 barcodes were generated in less than 70 seconds with a load test script on a single core Pentium 4 webserver running at 2.4 GHZ.

PrecisionID ASPX Barcode Software Compatibility
PrecisionID Native ASPX Barcode Generator is compatible with ASPX, ASP.NET, PHP, Pearl, JavaScript and many other development environments and web applications. It generates barcodes with a single, pure ASPX file without additional dependencies, components, or DLLs for easy and reliable deployment. Once the ASPX file is copied to an ASPX enabled web-server, barcodes are easily generated by any web browser.

Free Demonstration of the PrecisionID Native ASPX Barcode Generator
To evaluate the Native ASPX Barcode Software, a demo version has been placed on an ASP enabled server. You may access these URLs for evaluation purposes. Default parameter values are populated in the code which you may overwrite as desired. The PrecisionID ASPX demo version includes a demo watermark which is not included in the purchased versions. All other functionality is identical. You may use the code from the Integration Examples below as a guide for embedding barcodes into your web pages. Available parameters are further explained a little further down on this web page and in the User's Guide.

Code 128 <img src="">
Code 39 <img src="">
UPC-A <img src="">
Interleaved 2 of 5 <img src="">
EAN 13 <img src="">
USPS Postnet <img src="">
MSI Plessey <img src="">

Integration Examples

HTML Example:
<img src="">

ASP Example:
<P>Pure ASPX Barcode Generation Example: </P>
<% @ LANGUAGE = VBScript %>
<% Data = "pure-aspx-barcode" %>
<img src="<%="precisionid-code128.aspx?D=" & Data %>"

JavaScript Example:
function display() {
     DispWin =",'NewWin','menubar=yes,status=no,width=650,height=780')
     message = "<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Native ASPX Barcode Generator Tutorial</TITLE></HEAD><BODY>"
     message += "<img src='"
     message += document.form1.DataField.value;
     message +="'><BR></p></BODY></HTML/>"

Parameter List
The parameters listed in the table below may be used to modify the data encoded and change properties. After specifying the ASPX file, the question mark ? is used before the first parameter and the ampersand & is used for additional parameters. For example, the following sets several parameters for Code-39:
PrecisionID recommends only changing parameters when the default setting is not sufficient.

Purpose Parameter Default Description
Apply Tilde A F When ApplyTilde is True in Code 128 with the Auto character set, the format ~??? may be used to specify an ASCII code of a character that is encoded. For example, the data of "ASPX~009Barcode" would encode "ASPX[TAB]Barcode".
This Parameter is only valid in precisionid-code128.aspx
Bar Height H 40 The height of the barcode in pixels.
Check Character C T When set to T, automatically add the check digit to the barcode. Set to F to exclude.
Check Character in Text CT T When set to T, automatically adds the check digit that is encoded in the barcode to the displayed human readable text. Set to F to exclude.
Data Encoded D 123456789012 Data to be encoded into the barcode symbol.
Narrow to Wide Ratio N 2 The narrow to wide ratio of symbologies that only contain narrow and wide bars such as Code 39, Interleaved 2 of 5 and MSI. Valid values are 2 and 3.
Orientation O 0 Orientation of the barcode. Valid values are 0, 90, 180, and 270
Show Text T T When set to T, the human readable text is displayed. When set to F, the human readable text is not shown.
X Dim X 1 The number of pixels per unit of X Dimension. This determines the overall width of the barcode. The default value of 1 equal 1/96 of an inch or ~12 MILS.
Font Size S 12 The font size used for human readable text. Valid values are 10 and 12. Other font sizes can be implemented manually adding a text field of the desired size below the barcode

How to order
To order PrecisionID's Native ASPX Barcode Software, select your license level and click the "Buy Now" button to confirm your license level. Then click the "Add to Cart & Checkout" button to begin the payment process. Payment by credit card or PayPal is required. When entering billing information, enter the billing address of the credit card you are using for payment. For the e-mail address, enter the e-mail address where you wish the product download link sent.

Upon successful completion of the transaction, a confirmation e-mail with a download link to the PrecisionID Native ASPX Barcode Generator is sent to the e-mail address provided. The e-mail link is sent nearly immediately; however, some corporate e-mail systems and SPAM filters may delay the e-mail. If you do not receive the e-mail within a few hours, please contact PrecisionID for help. This message also serves as an invoice. Per PrecisionID's EULA, PrecisionID's return policy is 30 days.